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A postdoctoral position in musculoskeletal magnetic resonance is available, shared between the Longitudinal Study Section and the Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Spectroscopy Section at the National Institute on Aging (NIA) of the National Institutes of Health, located in Baltimore, Maryland, USA. The work will center on spectroscopic and imaging studies of muscle in human subjects, mainly in the context of the Baltimore Longitudinal Study of Aging, one of the landmark studies of the National Institute on Aging.

The City University of New York's newest facility, the CUNY Advanced Science Research Center (ASRC) builds on the success of the University's rich past with the goal of becoming a leader in visionary scientific research in the future.  Focusing on the fields of Structural Biology, Nanotechnology, Photonics, Neuroscience, and Environmental Sciences, the ASRC will operate as a nucleus of a University-wide science enterprise, fostering the development of an integrated research network that brings together faculty, students, and post-doctoral fellows from CUNY's colleges across the five borough

Two positions as Senior staff scientist (principal research engineer) are open at the Swedish NMR Centre.

One position concerns statistical analysis of experimental NMR data. For the compete job advertisement and information on how to apply:

A postdoctoral fellowship is available at NYU School of Medicine in quantitative diffusion MRI to study neurodegeneration. Potential applicants will join a diverse team of scientists in New York City lead by drs. Els Fieremans and Dmitry Novikov to develop biophysical models of brain microstructure, and contribute to clinical translation of novel early-stage pathology biomarkers.  Please see the detailed description below and distribute further to anyone interested.

The Chemistry Institute of the State University of Campinas (UNICAMP) is a leading institution in Brazil and Latin America, and is seeking highly qualified professionals, with a PhD in Chemistry or in related areas, high academic achievements and a strong publication records, for a position at the assistant professor level, in the area of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance. This is a permanent position that involves both teaching as research activities, with an annual income over USD 40,000.

The Division of Science at New York University Abu Dhabi is inviting applications for a fully-funded postdoctoral associate position in the area of Solid-State NMR Crystallography in the group of Dr Maria Baias (

The University of Western Australia, Perth
Senior Research Officer (Nuclear Magnetic Resonance) REF: 494475
Job no: 494475
Work type: full-time
Location: Crawley
Categories: Science
3 year appointment
Closing date: Friday 31 July 2015
This position is open to international applications.

The University of Leeds is to invest £17M in state-of-the-art instrumentation and refurbishment to develop our research capability in NMR spectroscopy and EM.

The investment will fund high-field (950 MHz) NMR, two 300 kV TEMs, and scientific support to provide a truly world-class environment for structural biology. Work to deliver this is beginning today.

A post-doctoral position is available in the field of Physics of Molecular Structures – Dynamics of molecular clusters in liquids in homogenous and heterogeneous environments.

Postdoctoral Research Associate - Development of hyperpolarised low-field NMR

Fixed term for 2 years (with possible extension to 3 years), available from 1 August, 2015

Closing date: 28 June 2015

Applicants are invited to apply for a postdoctoral research associate post at the Centre for Hyperpolarisation in Magnetic Resonance (University of York, UK) to develop a low-field NMR instrument for process monitoring, optimisation and control using parahydrogen hyperpolarisation.

PhD position is available in the group of Dr Józef Lewandowski in Chemistry Department at the University of Warwick, Coventry, UK with a start date in Oct 2015. Application deadline 30 June 2015.


Fixed term for 3 years, available from 1 July 2015

Research Title “Molecular level regulation of a molecular chaperone BIP”

A Ph.D. position is available at the ICSN laboratory in Paris-Saclay University to work on fast NMR methods for the analysis of complex mixtures and their coupling to hyperpolarisation

Title: Ultrafast NMR analysis of complex mixtures

Supervisors: Carine Van Heijenoort and Jean-Nicolas Dumez

A number of postdoctoral positions are available the laboratory of Wolfgang Peti. Areas of research use a variety of biophysical techniques (NMR – structure and dynamics; X-ray – structure etc.) and focus on 1) understanding how phosphatases and kinases are activated, regulated and are converted to become specific enzymes; 2) novel routes for drug design and 3) the development of NMR-based animal models for diseases.

Two post-doctoral positions are available at Dr. Maria J Macias Lab., at IRB Barcelona, starting in March 2016. The positions are supported by two Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions - COFUND grants.

About the Institute

IRB Barcelona is home to nearly 450 research, technical and support staff from 35 countries who share the common goal of contributing to the advancement of the biomedical sciences. The Institute has state-of-the-art NMR spectrometers and our group has an in-house collaboration with the ALBA synchrotron, located in Barcelona.

A PhD position working on "New and Improved Methods for Mixture Analysis by NMR" is available in the lab of Professor Gareth Morris FRS and Dr Mathias Nilsson in the School of Chemistry at the University of Manchester, UK. This project will investigate a range of ideas for extending the scope of NMR spectroscopy for both qualitative and quantitative analysis of mixtures. These will include the latest pure shift methods, such as PSYCHE [see Angew. Chem., Int. Ed. 53, 6990 (2014); J. Am Chem Soc.

The In-Vivo Magnetic Resonance research group at the Weizmann Institute of Science seeks highly motivated post-doctoral candidates for developing cutting edge MR neurospectroscopy and spectroscopic imaging methodologies.

About The Work

A PhD position (starting October 1st, 2015) is available in the NMR team of the Laboratory of Biomolecules, University Pierre and Marie Curie, Paris. The team (Structure and Dynamics of Biomolecules), headed by Prof. G. Bodenhausen, is located at University Pierre and Marie Curie and Ecole Normale Supérieure, in the center of Paris. The laboratory is equipped with 4 NMR spectrometers (400, 500, 600 and 800 MHz) and has dedicated equipment for protein biochemistry and biophysics (fluorescence, microcalorimetry…).

Who We Are
The Center for Biomedical Imaging (CBI) of the Department of Radiology at New York University School of Medicine has a strong and rapidly advancing reputation for collaborative innovation. NIH currently ranks our division in the top ten in the US by funding. Scientists at CBI have access to state-of-the-art clinical Siemens MRI scanners at 1.5 T and 3 T, as well as a PET/MR and a 7 T system.

PhD positions are available working with Professor Lyndon Emsley in the Laboratory for Magnetic Resonance at the EPFL in Lausanne, Switzerland,

The projects involve the development of new experimental methods to determine the structure of complex solid materials at different length scales, from atomic level structures to micro-meter level organisation and architecture.

A position as a PhD fellow exploring the state-of-the-art MR-hyperpolarization for investigation of metabolic changes in life style related diseases is now open. The successful applicant is expected to carry out scientific research towards a PhD degree. Application deadline is May 26th, 2015.

PhD in DNP MRI, Aarhus University, Denmark

A post-doctoral position in protein NMR and computational methods is available at the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, University of California, Santa Cruz starting this fall.

The overall goal of the project is to study Virus immune evasion mechanisms targeting MHC-I antigen presentation using a combined NMR / Rosetta modelling approach. Prior experience in NMR spectroscopy and quantitative data analysis is essential. A background in molecular cloning, protein biochemistry and complementary biophysical techniques such as SAXS is also strongly desired.

A PhD position is open in the group of Damien Jeannerat, University of Geneva, Switzerland.
The project will be centered on the development and applications of NMR methods for small molecules.
The candidate should have some experience in NMR and basic abilities and experience in computer programming.
Applications should be send to by May 12, 2015.

Structural analysis of SasC, a repetitive staphylococcal biofilm-forming protein implicated in antibiotic resistance